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Three is a crowd


It must have been almost ten years since three of us last gathered. If I am not wrong, we last gathered at Chijmes. Tonight, we gathered at Raffles City, which is opposite Chijmes, to celebrate our friendship.

We hung out together in school during our secondary three and four days. We had childish dreams and silly aspirations then. I wanted to have four kids at twenty-four years old, one of us wanted to be a housewife when she grew up, and another chatted with me about opening a stationery shop together and renting an apartment for the three of us. Those were the topics we chatted about on days we lay in the hard court in school, while enjoying the warmth from the Sun.

Tonight we were very happy we finally gathered again. We talked about things we did during our school days, and the silly and naughty things we did. We also shared about our experiences in life in recent years and how we now understood ourselves better with each count of experience we had.

I had a lovely evening to remember and smile about. Thank you ladies!




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