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Teachers’ Day 2012

Tomorrow is Singapore’s Teachers’ Day.

This day brings back complex memories. There were teachers whom I seldom talked to but their concern during a critical moment or rough patch in my student days left a permanent piece of joy in my brain. And then there were teachers whom looked down on me when I could not perform in a certain task, like operating the manual sewing machine during Home Economics lessons yet boasted that I was their student when I came in top in my level for Elementary mathematics, with no attempt to explain to puzzled faces about the lack of association with their part in contributing to my success. I am in no position to judge them because I should not and I only see a thin slice of what they are made of. I choose to to believe that these teachers have helped me be who I am today. It is up to me to pick and choose the degree of positivity their actions can impact my life. So picking the positive end of the spectrum keeps me strong.

Honestly teaching is not an easy job. It is a selfless profession. Education is not about transferring knowledge or skill; it is about influencing a positive lifelong change in a child. It can take a moment when it is the right one, or it can take years to change views. Honestly, I’m not sure if I can be a good teacher.

Thank you to all teachers in the world, and have a wonderful Teachers’ Day to all the teachers in Singapore!

On a lighter note, here are the Teachers’ Day cards my children made for their teachers, with the help of my domestic helper and me. They look lovely to me, because my children coloured them. One of the pictures was drawn by my elder girl.

(1) “My Apples”.
A slice of watermelon drawn by my domestic helper, and an apple drawn by me. After my boy coloured them, he insisted both were apples.


(2) “special balloon”
I drew the star as my girl had requested. The next moment she drew some squares on the tips and a long line, as if it was a necklace. A few days later when we used this picture to make the cards, she insisted it was a special balloon.
I love the children’s imagination!


(3) “a chick”
My girl has learned to mix colours from her Art Enrichment teacher in school.


(4) “a chick and a duckling”
Drawn and coloured by my girl. I feel so proud of her with this piece. 100% created by her.


(5) “Mr Potato Head”
My drawing, coloured by my boy. I drew this because he laughs hilariously when he sees Mr Potato parts in the wrong positions in Toy Story disney animation movies on DVD.


(6) “Pineapple”
Last but not least, a drawing by my domestic helper whom helped me start the activity with the children while I cut the coloured paper into rectangles, to paste the cut-out drawings on. My girl coloured it, really nicely.


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