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Sibling Rivalry – distraction technique

I am sure you have heard of the distracting technique (some call it an art) used on children having negative emotions. It works wonders for babies, and it should be adapted for older children. I have adapted “distraction” to include “Hello kids, there is a third side to a coin!” (a third perspective).


Recently, the school celebrated Teachers’ Day so my children were in school for the same session that day (i.e, same timing). My parents-in-law were busy with the Lunar Seventh Month prayers and I took leave to take care of my children. I fetched them to and from school.

They shared an umbrella as we walked home in the drizzle. When we reached the void deck of our block, my girl stood still and stared at my boy. This was not the first time they argued over the umbrella. I have a house rule they are very familiar with : “whatever gets fought over or argued about, goes to the bin”, and they seemed to have forgotten about it, and it was time to dramatise the rule, to bring in “distraction – the introduction of the third perspective”

(First perspective – Elder girl wanting the umbrella, and gets upset when younger brother refused to share, despite having gone through “counselling sessions” by mommy to share it.

Second perspective – Younger boy holding the umbrella, filled with possessive emotions, gripping it tight, refusing to let go. Elder sister’s request to share it just multiplied the worth of holding the umbrella by a thousand times.)

The third perspective:
The umbrella’s life is at stake

(dramatised version)

And ……. ……



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