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Plastics (PC, PP and PES) in baby milk bottles – Updates on AVENT

In July 2009, I wrote a post on Plastics (PC, PP, and PES) in baby milk bottles.  Shortly after that, I delivered my boy in October 2009. Between July to October 2009, AVENT launched BPA free milk bottles.  And I bought a few for my children.  The tricky issue is that it when used with new teats, milk leaks from the teat cap, and we had to research on how to adjust the teat in order to stop the leaking each time we prepared milk.  It was a nightmare for night feeds – we were half asleep and had to troubleshoot in a “zombie mode”.  However, as the teats became “more used”, the leaking reduced.  So each time we replaced the teats, we warned all family members of this problem to reduce the frustrations during use.

AVENT anti colic ring
AVENT anti colic ring

Recently, (yes, only recently – please pardon me, for letting motherhood and other factors prevent me from going out more often and become a “mountain tortoise”)  I noted that AVENT came out with an anti-colic rings, which I heard from customers at Kiddy Palace that they were meant to prevent leaks. I have not tried it, so your comments are welcome here if you have tried them.

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