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Number 3

My elder girl started to learn writing in Nursery this year. Since January, she did well for letters a, b, c, d, and e. In addition, she had no problem with the numbers 1 and 2. She told me her Chinese teacher taught them simple Chinese character strokes too but I didn’t see any worksheets for Chinese.

Last weekend, I saw the first worksheet without teacher’s word “good” on it. Her teacher wrote “guided” and “keep trying!”. This was the worksheet for number 3. The photo below is a snapshot of it. I laughed in private when I saw her teacher’s “?” which probably was marked as her teacher asked her why she coloured the letter a, instead of writing the number 3.


I showed it to my husband on Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised that he took the initiative to teach her to write the number 3!!! It must have been our past days of views exchange on parent’s roles, etc. I know he would not have the mental and physical energy to keep this up on weekdays, though he mentioned we should coach our kids homework. Well, we shall see and I shouldn’t judge now.

Good job Daddy!


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