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My new journey

I am feeling excited tonight. Tomorrow, I will start a new part time job. Half day, Monday to Friday. This is my second attempt with such work arrangements. My first one failed terribly because of some reasons in the organization which hired me.

I pray and hope this new journey with another organization is a real and here to stay. And that it will work out well in helping me keep in touch with the working world while I spend more time and energy on my children.

Crossing my fingers.


4 thoughts on “My new journey

  1. hi
    iam new to your blog, i also stay in know abt me visit my blog..
    glad to know u got a part time job, iam also into one such.. how do u feel in der? i feel sometimes very hectic due to small amount of time i present at to share??

    1. Hi Shaktii,
      I guess it’s all Mother’s stress to manage a household, and a career. I was at the highest peak of my career when I took the plunge to quit. A number of build up reasons at home and at work triggered it, but mainly I felt guilty that I’m not taking care or spending time with my kids enough.

      I’m blessed with very supportive In-Laws (I’m staying with them), who helps manages the household. It’s not a bed of roses but I feel very blessed.

      Running around between a part time job and back to the house was good for a start. It is still good as I now commit to only 4 hours a day. Of course I wish I can work from home when it gets too challenging to manage – see my post on 11 May 2012.

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