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My girl is worried about Snow White


This morning, I watched Snow White with my children. It was a good experience, as we could concentrate in the entire movie for once. There was only my helper in the flat with us and she was busy with house chores.

At the request of my girl, I explained the story as they watched. The sound was not audible to my children. It sounded muffled to me too.

After the story ended, my boy took his nap. My girl cried on her mattress. I thought she missed her Grandma who was out this morning. It turns out that she was worried for Snow White. She said Snow White doesn’t like the Prince who kissed her. He looked like the Prince who appeared at the start of the story, and Snow White didn’t like him (the movie showed Snow White being shy, and hiding from a Prince who was serenading to her).

My daughter is such a nice girl, caring and worrying for Snow White. 🙂

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