My first Smiggle purchase

My first Smiggle purchase:

I’m a sucker for stationery and I love to walk into shops like NBC (
), Paper Market, Kinokuniya, and Smiggle (

Each visit I made to the stores, reminds me of a sad truth. My dream of running my very own stationery store since I was 16 years old hasn’t materialised and sadly I’m nowhere near my dream. (Oops, I’m sorry for the drift)

While I would love to bring home all the items in the shops, my pragmatic brain cells make me think thrice before my purchases. I have been to Smiggle stores a thousand times since they came to Singapore, but nothing could make me part with my money.

Recently my girl started to take interest in erasers and would write with colour pencils just so she could use the eraser. I promised to buy her (as usual, I need three quantities to avoid children rivalry at home) a nice pencil and eraser last week. This prompted a few visits to NBC. There were many pink and shinny pencils which costs SGD$1.55. Nothing unisex enough caught my eye.

Last week, I stepped into Smiggle and made my first Smiggle purchase! Three lovely green mexican-pictured pencils, and a long multicoloured eraser which I can cut up into smaller pieces to let the children use (saves some $).

(1) Smiggle pencils with erasers at $0.95 each.



(2) Smiggle Multicoloured Long Eraser at $1.95




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