Top two ways to fold socks

This is my Mother-In-Law’s way of “bagging” the socks transiting from the laundry to the cupboards.

The “bagged” socks can be neatly stored in a basket – the children can help out by simply throwing them in. We often present to them the entire basket of socks to choose the ones they want to wear for an outing.


For adult socks, I prefer the folding method used my our first domestic helper. It makes the socks flat and easily “stackable” in the wardrobe.

(1) Step 1 – Lay the socks down. Fold the end as shown in the photo.


(2) Step 2 – lift up the front on the socks as shown, and slot into an opening as shown in the photo below.


(3) Step 3 – Tuck the front of the socks neatly into the opening adjusting the desired folded length as you tuck.


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