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Marriage Cylinder


Men are from Mars? Often, the man in the family keeps quiet about most things and their woman wonders, if she was transparent or if he was still bothered about things in her life. When a couple quarrel, the men often says “I only know that you are part of my life”. And the woman goes “please don’t take me for granted, I have been putting in efforts to make our marriage work better, building a stronger bond.” And most of the time, the conversation stops just there. Perhaps it takes a big quarrel or a major event to make the couple talk further.

To me, marriage is like Purple liquid in a cylinder which lets out a drop of water every moment of it’s time. To top it up, the man must top up Blue Effort Liquid, and the woman, Red. Topping up Liquid includes:
(1) communicating each other’s continuous commitments,
(2) encouraging each other’s act of love which we appreciate, and
(3) feeding each other’s well being.

The lack of mutual positive reinforcements in a healthy marriage becomes one sides or at worse, broken. So, couples out there, please communicate more to keep your Marriage Cylinder in good condition.

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