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Marble and Bubble (Part 2) – Reinforcing the Positive Traits

In Part 1 of Marble and Bubble, I shared how I handled meltdowns fast with the Marble and Bubble method. (

In Part 2 here, I hope to share an example of how I reinforced positive traits with Marble and Bubble method.

One day while I was ironing clothes, I asked BoiBoy for help to get me some clothes hangers. He happily went to the balcony and got me some, as requested.

I made use of the magical window and asked “Is that your Marble or your Bubble at work?”

“Marble!” he joyfully replied.

“WOW! Isn’t it amazing that your Marble is bright and shinning?” I asked with high energy.

He agreed.

And that’s my simple way of reinforcing how wonderful it is if our days are focused on our Marbles and not our Bubbles.

Try the MARBLE and BUBBLE method, and please give me some feedback with comments, so that I know if I have helped someone out in this world with this MARBLE and BUBBLE method that the Universe granted me when I was manifesting.

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