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Lunar New Year Meltdown

It is 10.40pm. Our extended family was back from a relative’s place where everyone gathered, around 7.30pm. Before going home, my husband and I brought our boy to the General Practitioner. Our boy had poor appetite and occasionally vomited for the past three days. He complained that there were objects in his ears the past two days. My worry grew.

Two weeks ago.
On Saturday, I coaxed my children to take their nap, and then went out buying household items. The marketing trolley was spoilt and I was worried that Mother in law had no trolley for her Lunar New Year marketing. I bought a better trolley. Hand carried it home, together with a big packet of diapers for my boy which ran out and not sold at the nearby supermarket. I had a sports bag which I packed in ten mandarin oranges, five apples, a couple of canned food I purchased. I took the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT). The journey was only for one stop. From the MRT station to home was about ten minutes walk. My husband was attending a wedding lunch and I did not want to wait for him to drive me around.

On Sunday, I was busy spring cleaning my room. Wiped and repacked the wardrobe. My husband had a runny nose and rested while I packed. He woke up in time to pack the rest of the wardrobe. We multitasked between packing the room and entertaining the kids, with a little help from In-Laws and the helper.

One week ago.
Last week I was busy nursing two kids back to health, while I ran around buying more groceries and Lunar New Year goodies. My Mother In Law had a scared knee tissue and was in the midst of treatment thus not able to go marketing. I took two days off work, to attend to my boy who had high fever. It was a tiring week.

I was down with fever, bad throat by last Thursday. Went to the General Practitioner for medication on Friday. I thought I could rest on Saturday, but I was wrong. My husband fetched Mother-In-Law to her ultrasound treatment for her scared knee tissue. After taking drowsy medicine, I lay in bed to rest. The helper was busy in the kitchen and the children were playing on their own.
“Ai-Yah!!! Why did you pour water all over your shirt?” scolded my Father-In-Law.
I jumped out of bed, rushed to the main door where the voice came from, and pulled my children away into the room. My Father-In-Law was mad at my boy for playing with the water meant for watering the plants. He smacked his leg while I pulled him away. I knew I had to babysit myself despite needing lots of rest. I played with them and entertained them, keeping them away from Father-In-Law, who later felt bad for hitting my boy and came hugging him and asking him if his leg hurts.
I would have rolled my eyes at him if not for my respect for him as my elder. His behaviour is totally against my parenting style.

It was near lunch time. My husband and Mother-In-Law were not back. The helper told me there were no more eggs and fishballs in the fridge to go with the Kway Teow and Noodles for the children. I called my husband and learnt that they need more time as Mother-In-Law was not done with the Lunar New Year marketing due to the crowd and long queues.

I brought the children out to the market to buy what we needed. I saw my husband at the market and he told me he just bought them. And he had wanted me to pack ready cooked noodles from the coffee shop, and not did not expect me to bring two children to the market. Such miscommunication!!!

I was drained from all energy by Lunar New Year day. The General Practitioner checked my boy’s throat and found it all red and swollen. He was to take antibiotics and inflammation medicine. Back home, he refused to take the terrible tasting antibiotic. He cried. He was tired after three days of low food intake. Tired from visiting. His throat was painful, and his crying made it more painful.


I broke down. My heart melted away. I talked to my boy, in my eyes, a bright child. I pleaded with him to take his medicine. He agreed but the taste made him regret agreeing. In tears, I grabbed him while my husband force fed the anitibiotic. We haven’t done this for a long time as he was able to take his medicine happily for the past year. My heart ached.

I haven’t had proper dinner. My mind was all in my boy’s poor food intake. While I fed my boy some Mee Sua that my Mother-In-Law, similarly worried, cooked. While I fed my boy, my husband took all our temperature and I was having a fever of 38.4 degree Celsius. I didn’t feel sick until after my boy slept.

I had the left over Mee Sua, took my medicine. It is 10.40pm. I cannot sleep, despite the drowsy medicine. I kept tearing. I worry about force-feeding my boy the antibiotic the next few days. I hate to do it. I need to take another few days off work again to administer the medication to my boy.

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