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Jumping Joy

Children love to jump on beds. Why? Beats me but I used to love jumping on my parents’ bed too, until the bed frame spoiled. Parents were upset but I was happy because I could jump harder without the bed frame. Haaa!

Do our children jump on our bed? Well, not yet. One reason is because we have a high bed frame and it is too high for their jumping comfort. They jump on my Parents-In-Law’ bed which is of average bed-frames height. There is another place where they love to jump in. The common room; our elder girl (GerGer)’s room. There are two single-size spring mattresses on the floor. My husband (DeeDee) and Sister-In-Law are previous owners of the mattresses before entering into married life. The room is a play room in the day, a nap room in the afternoon, and turns back into a play room at night for the children. This is where the children (GerGer, BoiBoy, and BayBee) jumps non stop. But whenever the adults have no time to supervise them, they somehow love to jump on my Parents-In-Law’s bed. Because it is higher? I’m not sure.

In this post, I share my drawing of BoiBoy and BayBee jumping on the bed while our domestic helper bathed GerGer, my Mother-In-Law cooked lunch, and my Father-In-Law was out buying some groceries. It was difficult to take photos or videos of them “caught in action” because they usually do not act natural in the presence of a camera. So, I decided to draw …. “two little children, jumping on the bed!”

Jumping Joy
Jumping Joy

So, how should I teach them not to jump on the bed? The kindergarten they attend used “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” to teach them that jumping on the bed might cause injury.  I have used the same story to ask them to stop jumping. Alas! They still jump. I guess this activity will help them grow taller. Hopefully.

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