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GerGer’s very first Hula Hoop!

When I first received my Wavy Hula Hoop (from Hula Hooop Singapore) a month ago, GerGer wanted one too. I promised her I would get the children’s version for her and finally I delivered my promise. I got a SGD2.00 Kids Hula Hoop (from Daiso) for GerGer last weekend and she has been working on her moves everyday since she got it. Good exercise for her and it helps her build up her perseverance. I told her that she has got to have patience and put in effort to practice daily in order to be able to Hula Hoop well.

For DeeDee and MeeMee, her new interest (triggered by MeeMee’s Hula Hoop routine) is very good because (1) it gives her exercise time, (2) it is free (done at home), (3) weather-proof (indoor).  MeeMee is enjoying it while GerGer’s interests last!


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