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Gearing up for Flea Market

A friend and I rented a booth at a Flea Market this Sunday. We plan to sell our beaded Christmas trees, and 3D Christmas tree cards. I have existing stock for the latter, so we gear up this week to make more beaded trees for the stall.

I could hardly “escape” from my kids when I made the beaded trees. Both of them would come knocking on the door, “Mummy! What are you doing?”. This never failed to put a smile on my face, and let them in. It was not the smartest move but I just went with the flow.

They would play with the beads, and I would quickly assign the bigger beads to them. They mixed up all my coloured beads as they play the pour out game. I would be too occupied in supervising them, and left with no seconds to roll my eyes. Once, my boy split the tiny round red beads and we all spent some time to pick them all up. I didn’t scold him, but I explained to him this was the reason for assigning him bigger beads which were easier to handle for his small pair of hands.

Interestingly I spilt a tub of rice beads a couple of days ago while I made the trees. My elder girl (3 and a half years old) “door crashed” into the craft-in-progress session and exclaimed “Mummy! There is sooooo much snow! Look, the trees are in the snow!”. My frowning face (with the thought of having to pick up the beads), transformed into an inspired one. I thanked her for the observation and started taking posing the trees for a good photo shoot.

The creative outcome of a Mum and her daughter:


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