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After two and a half almost three days of tension, I gave up on my views. I’ve glanced articles about how fathers and mothers are different due to gender differences. I should study this topic more to respond better to the differences.

A father deserves rest time (TV, read newspapers, naps, sleep through nights) because they have a tough day job to bring in the bacon. A mother should understand and support her husband’s work stress, while she:
(1) takes care of the children’s emotional, social and academic learning,
(2) brings in half or more of the bacon,
(3) entertain children every night
(4) can only caught up with work after the children sleeps

This is not the first time I feel this way. I’ll leave this inequality aside for the moment. I’ll do whatever I think I should do as a mother. I pray for enlightenment.

A consolation this evening was my husband initiating to bring the children downstairs for tricycle and bicycle rides. What more can I ask for (yeah right)?


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  1. As a husband and father of 20+years I can tell you that marriage and parenting have to be a partnership. I am every bit as responsible for my children’s social, academic and emotional growth as my wife is. There have certainly been times where she took on more of the burden, like when I was traveling for business. There have also been times where I have taken on more responsibility, like when she was going to college. The statement about fathers “deserving” time to read, watch TV and sleep through the night are bologna. Stay strong, I hope things turn around for you.

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