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Falling and getting hurt


My boy is jumping and climbing more these days. As typical introverts, we tell our children not to jump and climb where we see danger. “Don’t Jump there!”, “Don’t climb on the chairs!”. He obeys but will be back to business once I turn around.

Every time he falls and has a bump, he fears letting us see his wound and refuses to allow us to apply medicine. This has been going on for almost a year and I’m worry that his wounds don’t heal properly.

With the Appreciation Education in mind, I had a paradigm shift this Sunday.

We were at the park. My girl asked me to chase after her. I did. My boy was so excited he ran with us. Shortly after, he fell. He scratched his elbow and knee. He cried loudly and I immediately comforted him. Hugged him and stroked his back.

In the past, we would say the same things my In-Laws did : “I told you not to run. Now see what happened?”

As I applied my learning of Appreciation Education, I thought it was perfectly normal for to fall. It’s how we learn to run better next time. I told him “My good boy, it’s alright to fall. You’ll run better next time. You just need to apply medicine to your wound so you’ll recover faster for your next run.”

My words calmed him down a little. But every time I mentioned application of medicine, he cried loudly. Throughout the walk back home, I repeated my message. Mission was accomplished when he allowed me to apply medicine without any resistance when we reached home.

Today my change in paradigm was reaffirmed. I fetched my boy home from school and while he held my hand, he jumped up and down the pavement curb. He fell lightly (as I quickly pulled him up) and scratched his shin. I wiped away the dirt for him, “It’s alright boy, I’ll wipe it clean for you when are home.”
My boy: “I need to apply medicine after a fall.”
I was jumping with joy that I have removed the fear in him, which we have caused earlier. He let me put medicine for him gladly when we were home.

This was one of my Appreciation Education Challenge!

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