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Drawing as a form of creativity

After being in this world and experiencing life for more than thirty years, I choose to believe I’m slightly creative. Creativity can be in many forms, for example, seen in drawings, doodles, colouring, pretend plays, finding similarities and opposites in real life situations.

I hope my children will grow up with a bit of creativity injected in their life. My daughter is very detailed in her colouring, but can do fast ones too after I shared with her that there are times her teacher may need them to complete a colouring piece within a specific time. She is adaptable, like me. I adore our similarities in many ways, excluding my new discovery that she seems to have a stomach as weak as mine 🙁

Last week I taught her to draw with simple shapes, like circles, ovals and triangles. I demonstrated by drawing a chick with circle and oval. (shown below).


She eagerly tried. And exclaimed “I don’t know how to do the oval!”. So I showed her a one-circle chick. But she lost interest. (so fast? Yes!) I’m a little worried that she isn’t confident – have been worrying and working with her on this since she was two years of age.

It could well be that her attention span was short, as we did a snowman drawing just before the chick drawing. I showed her my version (show below).


And when I came out of my room while she was doodling, this was what I saw. It’s only a centimetre tall. BUT I LOVE IT! (and I told her so).

She is learning to write her letters in smaller fashion in kindergarten, and this might have triggered the smallness in the snowman. I choose to believe her doodles are helping improve her creativity shown in her drawings.

A couple of days later, I saw these drawings she executed at a fast pace. What a pleasant surprise! They look so pretty to mummy!

(a) she told me this is a boy:


(b) a girl:


(c) a chick – the position of the circle and oval shapes are similar to the one I demonstrated to her (see first picture above).


(d) a bear:


(e) a robot she drew for her younger cousin:


My take is that she was under peer pressure, as all three children (my kids and niece) were told to sit on the same table to draw. I’m not judging her; it’s an observation that she wants to set a good example to her younger siblings. I’ll guide her competitive nature (a trait of mine too) towards a healthy path.

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