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DIY materials on Sight Words “I am a”

On and off, I get paranoid about my children’s little exposure to English. We speak Mandarin at home most of the time. As I’m the only one who speaks English with them, the onus is on me to teach them English 🙁 My girl is four years old and she is not able to read yet. I feel guilty for not spending time to teach them, ever since April, after I started helping a friend in Human Resource projects before his HR manager is hired.

This week, I hope to revisit the sight words “I am a”. I have taught them these words before but they seemed to have forgotten with the lack of use and practice. The kindergarten they are attending is teaching with Letterland, so I’m using DIY materials to help them relate to Letterland.

Here are this week’s materials. Hope they will remember these sight words.



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