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When I wanted to share with my daughter certain ideas (e.g. using the potty), or animals, I had a hard time finding resources catered to my need. My girl is a strong-willed child who needs a lot of persuasion. For potty training, I managed to buy a cute Dora Book (recommended by a colleague) for me to introduce the idea to her.  I used an Ice Cream Stick which had cute Moo Markings to create a toy paper fan for my girl. The list goes on….

At some point last year, I wanted to use felt cloth to make crafts to teach my daughter. E.g. Felt Whale, Felt Bird, etc.  Due to my crazy workload last year (2010), I was not able to visit Daiso (heard they sell Felt Cloth) until May 2011 when I finally bought some felt pieces to try my hands on them.

I’m enjoying this craft so far, after making a frog (designed by myself), and a seahorse (adapted from a pattern I downloaded free from the internet).  I’ve completed making two slices of small-sized bread last week, and completed the tomato (which doesn’t look as nice as what I thought I could create), and I’m moving on to the egg soon….

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