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Canon IXUS 870

Excited with our new Canon 870 purchased last month, we went around our estate taking photos with it.  We eyed Canon 870 since last year, but had wanted to sell our Canon 500 before purchasing it. To my disappointment, we couldn’t sell off our old Canon 500 after several months, though I didn’t put in much effort – I only advertised in Gumtree.  :-p

I’m extremely happy with our new Canon 870, after a year of waiting, that is.  One disaadvantage for me (me, not us because I’m the video editor) is the video format for Canon 870, which is mov (quicktime). Because I do not have any video editing softwares which can handle both windows format and quicktime format. 🙁



2 thoughts on “Canon IXUS 870

  1. hi, i was randomly surfing the net and found your entry on canon ixus 870. i am using the same camera, but the pictures i have taken aren’t as great compared to yours. 🙁 may i know which mode you use to take these pictures? thanks 🙂

    1. Hello!
      These were taken some time back so I don’t remember exactly. If I’m not wrong, we used the “digital macro” program mode. Do you have pictures to share?

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