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AhMah’s cooking – Chinese Orka

AhMah cooks for the entire family and she believes it’s her core duty. MeeMee is fortunate to be enjoying her wonderful dishes since they stayed together. This post gives some limelight to a fruit which MeeMee loves. Chinese orka. What in the world is Chinese orka?!

Chinese Orka
Chinese Orka (Luffa)

Chinese okra is formally known as Luffa. As its name implies, this fruit is native to Asia. MeeMee loves it stired fried with eggs, and AhMah often cooks this especially for MeeMee. (Awww…. how sweet!). Here’s how the dish is prepared:

1. Cut away the angled parts and all of the skin on Chinese orka. Slice it.
2. Stir fry garlic in oil in a Chinese Wok.
3. Add in sliced Chinese orka and pour in some water. Let it cook for a while, then simmer.
4. When it is soft and cooked, add in beaten eggs. Simmer.
5. Stir and serve. Yummy!


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