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A pleasant surprise on first day of 2016.

A pleasant surprise on first day of 2016.
The 2015 year end school holiday is coming to an end. BoiBoy was sick for the first week of the holiday. When he recovered GerGer got the virus. Her symptoms were different. She had fever for about 5 days, recovered for two days (we managed to go out for that two days) and then she had fever again for 5 days. When she recovered, we caught a movie, went to KidsStop!, Jurong Safra Kids Amaze, jogged, and shopped.
Our new domestic helper arrived shortly in mid December. Instead of being a great help, she arrived with a strong cold bug and passed on the virus to the whole family. Her arrival brought us distress. She is slow at learning, refuses to listen to our instructions and does everything against our practices. The family quarreled over the decision to send her away or keep employing her. Unhappiness filled our flat.

It is no joke to have the whole family sick and an unhelpful helper in the house. On Boxing Day, DeeDee and Grandpa went overseas for a night to attend a wedding. Grandma was too sick to join them. I was home taking care of two sick and grumpy children. Two days later we brought them to the General Practitioner: GP (their regular Pediatrician was on long leave) and they were given antibiotic. They had so much medication that they lost their appetite, felt lethargic, and were grumpy. We were so worried. The next day, I had fever. “Not another problem?!?” I teared. After self-medicating for two days my fever and cough did not go away. Reluctantly, I went to the GP with GerGer on New Year’s Eve. I brought GerGer along as her fever seemed to be stubborn and she vomited twice that day.

BoiBoy chose to accompany her when GerGer rested in my bed, instead of watching television. I smiled with joy as I watched this attention-seeking boy show concern for his sister.

On New Year’s Day, I vomited the whole day. I couldn’t not keep any food down. My fever wasn’t getting any lower. The fever medication made me felt nauseated. I felt so weak that I had to ask BayBee’s mum to help bath BoiBoy and GerGer. At about 4 pm, BoiBoy came into the room and wanted to accompany me. I was so touched. This boy, who is ever so grumpy, easily irritated and angry, and thinks of his own play time every moment – actually wants to accompany me?!?!?

We had a casual chat. We laughed. We played a little with a teddy bear. When it was time for dinner, he sat beside me (even though he already had his), and watched me eat. He suggested I should burp in order to hold my food down. He told me to massage my stomach in a downward manner, the same way I used to message for him when he had stomachs. I was surprised this suggestion came from him and I quickly did that. Soon, I was burping and I could really hold the food down. I thanked him for his great suggestion. After dinner, he accompanied me again, lying down by the window, watching how the dark clouds moved with the wind. We chatted about clouds, air pollution, and other topics.

BoiBoy’s concern for GerGer and me was what I had never expected. It was a pleasant surprise. I’m happy beyond words and I will remember this day. This is the best day ever for me! ?

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