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YouTube Time

This week has been emotional for the family. BoiBoy is refusing to go to school. He cried so hard yesterday, hugging on to me like a Koala who has not seen a tree in a hundred years, and had his slimy mucus all over my shoulder (sorry if you dislike the details). I tried the soft and the hard methods to get him to go into the School Hall, to no avail. Eventually, his favourite teacher from PreNursery (last school year) managed to walk him into the School Hall so casually, I felt like shooting myself (why didn’t she appear earlier! haa!). GerGer is affected by all these emotions, and has been tearing too. Last evening, DeeDee spent some YouTube Time with her to help her deal with the emotions.

YouTube Time
YouTube Time

Drawn on Tablet: iPad4
Drawn with: Dagi Stylus P507 (buy now from MeeMee’s online Shop)
App used: Sketchbook Express for iPad

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