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Wrong Flea Move

My first failure in selling my handmade beaded Christmas Trees and 3D Christmas Tree Cards : to be at the Flea.

Lesson learned:
The crowd at SCAPE PARK Flea Market was looking out for items between $1 to $5. Best selling items were preloved and new clothes.

Had a blue Sunday:

First, my partner in the Flea Event who was in an unexpected emotional turmoil disappeared. I can understand she was out of sorts but she didn’t even bothered to drop me a text that she wasn’t coming. Even after I texted her to inform her that my handphone hung on me, in case she was looking for me. Isn’t it basic courtesy to at least let me know?
Ok, I’m too demanding.

Second, my handphone had to hang on me just before the Flea started. Thank goodness my other friend who so kindly came with her boy to help me with the stall was able to find my booth.

Third, no items of mine were sold.

Fourth, my husband is being proved right that my project in making and selling these is Not-Worth-It. So much for my ability to babysit my kids while I make the trees, though things got a little messy in my room.

Looks like I’m going to have a lousy week ahead with a dampened Sunday.



4 thoughts on “Wrong Flea Move

  1. It is never easy trying to make money. Knowing the market takes experience and study. Do not be too disheartened. At least you now know what the market is like.
    Perhaps if you take the view that you are doing arts and crafts which you enjoy and a side benefit of it is that you happen to be able to make some money, things will look better.

  2. Cheer up dear sis,….it’s never easy. Been there, done that. 🙂
    there’s bound to be something in the pipeline which will work. Don’t be too hard on yourself though I know it’s hard. I say this with utmost sincerity since we are so similar in nature!

    1. Yes Sis, I know this is expected. I guess the other things on that day that added fuel to spoil the day really made me feel lousy. I’m amaze how people can disappear like that without a word even until today. But I learn from it. Another life lesson.

      On the bright side, my friend Steph who helped me at the stall really made me felt so much better. I’m very grateful for her help, and for having her boy Ethan at the booth for a while.

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