Work gets going

It’s been two over months since I started my part time work. It got kind of stressful last week. I didn’t expect a part time job to get stressful. Maybe I’m too responsible; perhaps I think too much. I couldn’t sleep after making milk for my boy at 4 plus this morning.

Adding to the complication is that a part timer has less office presence, and this means my influence on matters are limited.

Crossing my fingers that this is only temporary.


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2 Responses to Work gets going

  1. littlemscheeky says:

    CFO! when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! 🙂

    • chewingonit says:

      Littlemscheeky, thank you for the encouragement. But Im not CFO nor tough. 🙁 Hope it gets better with teamwork and understanding among colleagues.

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