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Trying to Conceive with IUI

Women who are ready to start a family but have not conceived the natural way, would find terms like IUI and IVF to be familiar. IUI stands for intrauterine insemination and involves depositing sperm into a woman’s uterus in hope of facilitating conception. IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization where sperms and eggs are joined outside of the body, then upon successful joining, are placed inside the women’s uterus for further growth. Today, I am honoured to post a dear friend’s journey in conceiving her first child through IUI.  Her selfless sharing of her personal journey will benefit many women who are trying to conceive. I’m grateful to her for her willingness to share.

LY’s IUI Journey:

I conceived my first child through IUI. It was a journey full of events as I was also coupling this with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I have heard so much about TCM and how it works. I faithfully followed through 3 months of “ tuning” my body and concurrently going through the IUI process. Surprisingly, in my 3rd try (and also my 3rd month of going though TCM), I conceived a beautiful (and naughty) boy.

I chose IUI was because I had one ovary removed many years back due to a cysts operation, and was depending on one ovary for my conceiving plans. My chance of conceiving seemed halved as compared to other women with two ovaries. In addition, I have a slightly inverted womb which makes conceiving naturally even tougher.

Trying to Conceive
Trying to Conceive

Being a person who is very focus on goals, I dedicated all my time and energy into baby making. I went straight into the clinic telling my Gynae my plans to conceive. We worked towards IUI, and talked about moving on to IVF after three failed IUI tries.  I told her that I did not want to waste time and she agreed since I was not young then; at 35 years old.

My first try was a hopeful one. I thought to myself “how difficult can getting pregnant with IUI be?”.  There is an egg, and a sperm. We let them meet, so they should implant, and I would be pregnant. Right?  Well, wrong!!  Unfortunately, if nature can be explained so easily, we wouldn’t have so many infertility cases in the world. There are so many unknown reasons why a IUI would fail. Timing of the IUI, quality of the eggs and sperms are a couple of reasons why IUI might fail.

My second try was with more ease. I didn’t have high hopes and of course, I wasn’t pregnant too. But I was already quite tired (emotionally and physically) and I wasn’t looking forward to my third try. So when I did the 3rd time, I told my hubby if that fails, it means I am not fated to be pregnant, and we should live with it for the rest of our lives. He agreed. The rest was history; I conceived!

I am Pregnant!
I am Pregnant!

The 2 weeks wait after IUI has been the most stressful period. After IUI, what happens next? There is nothing I could do except waiting. I could only hope things would turn out well. I have learnt to accept the outcome, and to move on even if it failed.  I have also learnt to set targets. If things doesn’t work, move to the next level. If that doesn’t work, move to the next level and so on.

Overall my IUI journey was a pleasant one. IUI process is just a simple procedure and it was almost painless. Well, you might feel discomfort but that’s about it. It felt like having a pap smear test. Otherwise, it is quite alright. So I would recommend people who have problem conceiving to try IUI first and then IVF if IUI fails.   “All the best! “

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