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Travelling with young children? Take a potty with you!

I have not traveled with my children out of the country due to various reasons. One tricky issue which I do not have a solution is Nature’s Call. When the children need the toilet, and the toilet is far away or if the nearest public toilet is filthy, I’ll be at a lost. Though it’s an issue we can get over easily, I think it’s hard for me to get over my emotional hurdle of being in a filthy toilet for too long.

I think I have found the solution with these wonderful inventions – Travel Potties! I have researched available products on the internet and below are my top two choices. I’ll probably get the Cool Gear Travel Potty eventually so I can use it for both my elder daughter and younger boy.

1) Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus

I have put a YouTube Link on how to use this potty (uploaded by thankheavenspotette) below, for your easy reference.

The potty looks a little small, but I think it isn’t a problem for my four and a half years old girl to pee in. Not sure about pooping though. The weight limit is 50lb.

2) Cool Gear Travel Potty

A YouTube Link on how to use this travel potty is below (uploaded by BabySafeTravel), for your easy reference.

I like this better as it looks bigger. I would imagine it to be comfortable for my elder daughter even at five years old. She will be four and a half soon, and she is 16kg (35 lb). The weight limit for this potty is 70lb.

I also like the handle, making it easy to bring out of the house. The best thing, is that it can be used with commonly available one gallon zipper bag, and when we zip up the used bag, we don’t smell anything if we need to keep it in the car for a few more miles, before we reach the nearest dustbin.

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