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Ten Reasons Why I Need iPad2

One of my wishlist items is iPad2, but my frugal husband will never agree that it is a need. So I need a little rationalization tonight.

Ten Reasons Why I NEED iPad2:
1) to store and view lovely family photos and videos.
2) to revisit lovely moments the extended family has had in the past years, viewing photos and videos on TV (with HDMI adapter).
3) for easier and faster blogging (versus iPhone4) so that my dream of blogging income may be a tiny step closer to reality
4) to do my digital sketches on a bigger screen (versus iPhone4).
5) to put into my bag when not I’m use so that my bag stands upright. (oops, sorry to sound silly)
6) to kill my time on nights like this where I can’t sleep. It’s raining and cooling now. My hubby’s snoring loudly, tired from a day of hard-work.
7) to satisfy my desires to buy gadgets (used to buy a PDA a year before I knew my hubby. After marrying my frugal hubby, I buy way fewer gadgets).
8 ) to get the latest news on a bigger screen (versus iPhone4)
9) to watch YouTube on preschool teaching material, and then use ideas for better mother-child bonding time
10) MY BEST reason: to stop me from replacing my iPhone4 with a new iPhone5.


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