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My boy will be three years old soon

My dear toddler BoiBoy will let go of his toddler title tomorrow as he turns three. May BoiBoy be a healthy, well-behaved, and sensible boy. I love BoiBoy no matter: – how much of a Mummy’s boy he is, – how often he tells me I allowed him to do things I have disallowed, –… Read More My boy will be three years old soon

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Appreciation Education Parenting Challenge #1

My girl will be four in June, and my boy two and a half by April. Parenting has been about Self-Learning and involves (1) instilling first time fear with my loud scolding voice with a cane in my hand, and subsequent reminders of my “roaring” when they do not follow our instructions. (2) Time Outs… Read More Appreciation Education Parenting Challenge #1

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Mum’s struggle with antibiotics

My boy was given antibiotics by the General Practitioner on Lunar New Year’s Day. That night, he took a mouth of it and refused the rest of his 5ml dosage. We force fed the rest with a spoon. The second day (yesterday), we force fed him the morning dose. I cradled him with one arm… Read More Mum’s struggle with antibiotics