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Marrying the Letterland Characters with Phonemic Chart

Are you as troubled as me about teaching your child of 5 to 6 years old to read or speak better English? If so, I hope this blog post will help clear the air for you. What is a Phonemic … Continue reading

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Hula Hoop First Week

In my earlier post on getting a Wavy Hula Hoop as a surprise gift, I promised to update on my Hula Hooping Progress. Here is my progress report for first week of Hula Hoop Regime: 1) perspiring throughout the five … Continue reading

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Wavy Hula Hoop at my doorstep!!!

“Ding Dong”. The children ran to the door. “I didn’t order anything recently” I whispered to myself. “MeeMee!” shouted GerGer as I walked from my room to the hall. A courier guy at the door, with a parcel wrapped in … Continue reading

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Hula Hoops in Singapore

Are you a mother, wishing you could trim or tighten your waistline? I jog to tighten my leg muscles and burn some fats, but it only helps tighten my tummy muscles a tiny bit. I used to do crunches, but … Continue reading

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How to order coffee like a pro in Singapore

It amazes me to hear how people order coffee (Kopi) in my country. ┬áHaving grown up in this country, I’m still not sure of all the Kopi terms. A couple of colleagues were chatting about this topic recently and I’m … Continue reading

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