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Nursery class bully

I’m rushing home as I compose this post. Got a call from home about my girl refusing to go to school and cried non-stop. I’m mentally tired just thinking about how best I should handle this. Apparently there is a class bully who went around pinching kids. I’m angry about being the only and default… Read More Nursery class bully

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Eight years of commitment in a love relationship

Today is a special day. Eight years ago, I met my husband for a game of Pool, and then dinner. He is an introvert and is quiet in the company of people he doesn’t know well. But it was Cupid at work that night because he was so chatty over dinner, that I didn’t mind… Read More Eight years of commitment in a love relationship

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Parent Child Friendship

A dear friend lamented today, that her children who are now young adults do not update her about their whereabouts. I recalled I didn’t like to inform my Mum about my whereabouts when I was about their age too, and thought it was natural. A while later, her boy messaged her about where he was… Read More Parent Child Friendship