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Wavy Hula Hoop at my doorstep!!!

“Ding Dong”. The children ran to the door. “I didn’t order anything recently” I whispered to myself. “MeeMee!” shouted GerGer as I walked from my room to the hall. A courier guy at the door, with a parcel wrapped in brown paper, asked for me. I signed and received the parcel as the addressee and… Read More Wavy Hula Hoop at my doorstep!!!


Meralgia Paresthetica

MeeMee has Meralgia Paresthetica, and has been resting more the past week. Woke up on Tuesday morning with numb skin on right outer thigh. Feeling less numb after the Chiropractor cracked MeeMee’s spine to unpinch the nerve, but the numbness is not all gone. MeeMee doesn’t wear tight clothing, isn’t overweight, doesn’t stand for long… Read More Meralgia Paresthetica