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Sick, very sick

MeeMee has been sick since 20 April (right after bringing the children to the Pediatrician for GerGer’s stomach virus, and BoiBoy’s runny nose) …  for two over weeks. Been to the General Practitioner four times now. During the first week, … Continue reading

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Hula Hoop First Week

In my earlier post on getting a Wavy Hula Hoop as a surprise gift, I promised to update on my Hula Hooping Progress. Here is my progress report for first week of Hula Hoop Regime: 1) perspiring throughout the five … Continue reading

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Wavy Hula Hoop at my doorstep!!!

“Ding Dong”. The children ran to the door. “I didn’t order anything recently” I whispered to myself. “MeeMee!” shouted GerGer as I walked from my room to the hall. A courier guy at the door, with a parcel wrapped in … Continue reading

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Pneumonia on Mother’s Day

I have slight pneumonia since last Friday. Couldn’t rest yesterday as my family was out, and though my helper was at home to cook and do the chores, my boy was very sticky… He only wanted my company. Since I … Continue reading

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A sign

My boy vomitted his dinner just now. He ran into the bedroom right after dinner and vomited all his dinner. I’m worried again. I’m quite sure it’s not the running that made him vomit. It’s probably another health sign. This … Continue reading

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