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Missing my friends

I have been really busy lately. Besides happily receiving and delivering more orders for the DAGi Styluses, DeeDee and I have been looking for new business opportunities. It is 4.44am now and I just finished packing some orders for postage tomorrow. After snapping photos of the packages, I browsed my photo album on my phone… Read More Missing my friends

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Parent Child Friendship

A dear friend lamented today, that her children who are now young adults do not update her about their whereabouts. I recalled I didn’t like to inform my Mum about my whereabouts when I was about their age too, and thought it was natural. A while later, her boy messaged her about where he was… Read More Parent Child Friendship

Friends, Parenting, Thoughts and Feelings

The joys; life as a mother

I took a career break since 01 Aug 2011. My life as a career mum-cum-wife was going nuts since the year 2010. Career progression was good, but staff support and managerial support was lousy, and I had challenging hurdles to cross. It was a deliberate move for me in 2010, to test my limits. After… Read More The joys; life as a mother