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Stay Home Mums versus Working Mums

I’m wide awake at 5.30am after making milk for my boy at 4.30am. I hate it when I cannot get back to sleep despite feeling physically tired.

My thoughts run rather wild when I’m awake. And this morning I was thinking about the key difference between a Stay At Home Mother and a Full or Part Time working Mother.

I was at a Mumprenuener workshop yesterday and I really liked taking to other Mothers. I hear working mothers about wanting to stop work totally and move away from work deadlines and backing up bosses and colleagues. I also hear a mother of six going on seven (amazing right?!?) on her parenting style and could sense her high discipline in following the schedule for the children she planned. This is similar to the discipline of meeting deadlines.

My conclusion is that there is only one main difference. The interaction habits.
I would imagine a stay at home mother to have more patience in interaction as she needs to explain subjects to her children most of the time. In contrast, a working mother who is put under politics and time pressure, and or a demanding boss or work environment pressure, has interaction habits that are to the point with no unnecessary explanation.

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