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Stay Calm, MeeMee

We stay in a high rise residential block of an estate. At void decks (empty space on first level), there are “no soccer” sign boards on the walls. Occasionally we see children play a bit of soccer and only the police on petrol would stop them.

I have been tolerant of children playing soccer in places they are not allowed to. The soccer balls fly all over the place, causing distress to pregnant women and parents with babies or young children like myself. Requesting my children to watch out was all I did.

This evening, I got furious seeing boys playing rowdily on bicycles and kicking a ball against walls at the lift lobby on the level we stayed. I walked out to tell them they were not supposed to play soccer there. They didn’t stop. I went on to say I was going to call for help (I was thinking of the nearest Police Post). They went quiet, but still threw the ball around hitting the walls, causing light stains. I took out my phone and took a video. The flashlight from my phone scared them away, and went into the available lift.

I wondered what got into me. I pondered for a while and concluded I was stressed recently. Trying hard to earn more from home after leaving my part time job, is stressing me up a little. Changes are stressful.

I need to stay calm during stressful times.  Hope I’ll be alright soon.

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