Spring Cleaning before Chinese New Year

The family has been busy with spring cleaning the flat in preparation for Chinese New Year. Now that I’m staying at home more, I put in effort to do a more thorough spring clean. Next year, we should be without a maid, unless there are unforeseen changes (eg a business opportunity knocks our door, or I find an offer I cannot resist). This adds a reason for the thorough cleaning.

Our master bedroom is mainly packed and cleaned by ourselves. We only require our maid to clean our floor daily and the toilet twice a week. With three kids in the flat, she has enough on her plate. I spent a couple of days cleaning the room, and the most difficult was the cupboard which is in-built from the ceiling to the floor. I’m not done yet, as I have one cupboard drawer and the bedside drawer left to pack and clean.

Five more days to New Year’s Eve!

Drawn on Tablet: iPad4
Drawn with: Dagi Stylus P507
App used: Sketchbook Express for iPad

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