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Spiderman – DIY colouring book

Spiderman was aired on Channel 5 last Saturday evening. My kids know this character and a brief version of the story beforehand. They couldn’t stay put throughout the movie, and I thought they weren’t interested.

On Sunday morning, my boy demanded to watch Spiderman. I explained to him that it was aired on television and played from a DVD and he couldn’t watch it on Sunday. He cried. I told him I would buy a DVD for him if he really liked it, but that I would need to work for a while to earn enough money to buy it (he has been asking me not to go to work even until lately). He agreed, and stopped crying.

This morning, he asked me if I had bought him Spiderman storybook. I laughed as his DVD requested changed to a storybook. After work, I printed some Spiderman colouring pages from free Internet resources, and made it into a booklet for him. No staples were used. I hate the possibility of young kids removing and accidentally swallowing them. I used double sided tape instead.

I made two more for my elder girl and my niece. They love them!



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