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Sofa Day – Giving attention to others

During a recent weekend, we went out to purchase a new set of sofa to replace our existing set which has been picked and peeled by my children and niece over the last few years.

Two months ago, I taught my children that sometimes we go out to buy things for people other than them. Young children’s world is all about themselves and it is not natural that they think of others first. This is something parents need to teach.

So before our sofa shopping I managed the children’s expectations. I told them we are not going to look for toys nor food. We are going to do only one thing – buy sofa.

My Pre-trip briefing was rewarded shortly. While we walked around to shop for sofa, my elder girl saw McDonalds restaurant and requested to go in for a bite. I suggested to go another day and gently reminded her that it was “Sofa Day”. She immediately agreed. I could hear my own voice going “Hurray!!!” and almost jumped with joy.

This is the Sofa we bought, but we wanted it in dark brown, for reasons obvious only to a planner-cum-meticulous mother. Not to my husband.


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