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Six Years of commitment in Love and Family (extended)

Today marks the sixth year milestone of Hubby and my marriage. Staying within an extended family and making it a happy and harmonious one is not an easy task. Every single person in the family needs to give and take, even the little ones. Family’s needs must be put before our individual needs. I must say, it was not something easy for me when I first joined the family. In fact, it was not easy for everyone in the family getting used to me too. As time passed, we understood one another better, and it helped us get along better.

6 years of commitment in Love and Family
6 years of commitment in Love and Family

Many friends ask me why I didn’t insist on moving out on our own. My long story cut short reply is “Commitment in Love”. Being in an extended family means a lot of constrains. One example is space constrain – my children has no fixed place to do their homework until now. A second example is I can no longer watch English Television programs unless everyone else in the family is asleep. My Hubby has imposed on me to give in to my Mother-In-Law as she loves to watch Chinese dramas. I requested for a Television in our master bedroom, but Hubby refused.

Instead of going on and on with examples of constrains, I would like to share that the positive impact has so far outweighed the constrains. Space constrains? – My children and I have learned to pack our stuff every time we are done using (or playing with) them. This keeps the entire flat looking very neat. It’s a good habit to keep things out of sight. No television in the bedroom? – I’m happy Hubby didn’t allow because if he did, I would not have the opportunities to hang around in the hall and have many small talks with my Parents-In-Laws. The chats helped us understand one another better, faster.

It is not easy being a mother, whether she works or not. Motherhood means business. If motherhood is not handled and managed well, the role of a wife may become a struggling one. And if a couple’s relationship is not strong, the children suffers in one way or another. So, it has not been easy the last six years. I have chosen family over work in the last two years. I am happy Hubby and I have walked this far, keeping our extended family a happy one. Our children are learning a lot of socialising skills in this extended family, which is what I love. My motto for our children is “A family hugs and says sorry after a fight or a quarrel.”

Hubby’s work schedule is tight this month, so we had a simple dine-out earlier, on a weekday night, to spend time remembering our wedding vows, and enjoying some couple time. A couple of quality hours is better than none. We dined at Poulet (Bugis+ branch), a popular French restaurant that serves economical French food. It was value for money.

6th wedding anniversary dinner at Poulet
6th wedding anniversary dinner at Poulet

I was blown away by the first item, Country Style Mushroom soup. The soup had a rich mushroom flavour. I could also taste cheese, a treat for my taste bud. I loved it so much, I must have finished half the bowl within a second, almost forgetting we were sharing the soup. Second item served to us was the Half Chicken in Mushroom Sauce. It was supposed to be Poulet’s choice dish. We found it to be alright; not exceptional. I like that it was not oily, and the meat was very tender. However, nothing else about it impressed us. Next up was the Pork Belly. I liked it more than my Hubby did, because it melted in my mouth and I liked the sour-rish sauce that went with it. I was a little disappointed when we were about to finish it because we had some tough meat in our mouth. Our last dish was the sausage which my Hubby found it nice, but I thought it was normal. Our Cafe Latte came in time to end our dinner. We had a lovely time over dinner, and I am very thankful for it.

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