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Sick, very sick

MeeMee has been sick since 20 April (right after bringing the children to the Pediatrician for GerGer’s stomach virus, and BoiBoy’s runny nose) …  for two over weeks. Been to the General Practitioner four times now. During the first week, MeeMee had very bad cough and lots of phlegm plus a sore throat. Couldn’t really rest as MeeMee sat through two interview batches (will share more about this business later) scheduled beforehand which didn’t make economic sense to cancel. In addition, MeeMee took care of the kids in the day (showered, fed, fetched to and from school, brought snacks for them in between school and enrichment classes) [already very fortunate to have AhMa cook for the family and the domestic helper doing chores].

Coincidentally the domestic helper’s contract has ended and she left us on 24 April…. adding to the family’s stress level. We were all like busy bees. MeeMee got worse and saw the General Practioner again on 25 April. For the whole week, BoiBoy was super duper sticky to MeeMee. (Well, when wasn’t he?). When BoiBoy napped, MeeMee couldn’t rest as she caught up on packing and mailing customers’ orders for DAGi Styluses [while counting her blessings that the orders are increasing].

With little rest but lots more medication, MeeMee felt better and survived accompanying AhMa for her eye checkup together with the children on 27 April (Saturday). Luckily DeeDee was available to drive the family around and help MeeMee out with the children. Branch and lunch was a nightmare [or afternoon mare?] – BoiBoy insisted on having only bread; GerGer wanted only noodles [this happens at home often, but it causes a tough time when the family is out – which eatery serves western bread and Chinese noodles? Oh My Goodness!!!]. DeeDee bought bread for the children as branch and then fetched AhMa from the eye specialist clinic. The family then brought GerGer to a wet market to have her Chinese noodles (while adults had lunch as well). Two hours after reaching home, DeeDee and MeeMee rushed off to fetch the new domestic helper from the maid agency.

MeeMee thought she could relax the next day but AhGong was so irritable with a new helper around, he nagged non stop the whole day – at us for not training her well, following the helper where ever she went, auditing her tasks. DeeDee doesn’t like family quarrels so I knew I should not get angry. Eventually DeeDee quarrelled with AhGong, and I felt bad. The only way to let out my emotions? – I cried for many many hours, and continued in the shower, and no one in the flat saw my red swollen eyes.

MeeMee woke up on 29 April morning with high fever and vomiting. After visiting the General Practitioner the third time in the afternoon for medication, the vomiting didn’t stop. MeeMee returned for an injection to stop the vomiting the same evening. Other family members are getting the virus too …… MeeMee Sick

MeeMee feels drained but all mothers know that MOTHERS CANNOT COLLAPSE. Life goes on. After Googling for ways to stop nausea today, MeeMee wanted DeeDee to buy instant Ginger Tea and dearest AhMa made fresh Ginger Drink with rock sugar for MeeMee, despite feeling unwell this morning. Awwwwwwww!!!!!  Mothers are great aren’t we? MeeMee felt much better after two cups of the Ginger Drink.

MeeMee hopes the whole family is well and can enjoy more family outings to come realllllllyyyyyy soon!!!

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