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Sibling Rivalry – another Motherhood Failure Moment?

Parents with more than one children at home would know that sibling rivalry is a daily affair. Various reasons for the fights include jealousy, competition, increasing sense of equality and just. There are many ways to deal with sibling rivalry.  In my previous post, I shared a successful “adapted distraction” method when my children fought over an umbrella.

However, when my mind is occupied with other serious stuff, such as business proposals, or when I felt very tired, I would use the purest and simplest form of distraction. This method is commonly used by my Parents-In-Law, and even my domestic helper. I find this effective for younger children, but has little effect for my children now (GerGer is turning five and BoiBoy is three and a half years old).

Well, sometimes when a mother’s mind is preoccupied, Motherhood Failure Moments occur.  Does the doodle in this post seem familiar to you?


Drawn on Tablet: iPad4
Drawn with: Dagi Stylus P507
App used: Sketchbook Express for iPad

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