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Seven Years …..

It’s been seven years since we got married. DeeDee is a person who needs no celebrates. I’m a total opposite. I believe that everything is worth a celebration because we should value an appreciate the little things in life. Well, DeeDee values and appreciate quietly. Somehow I got a little tired this year. I no longer want to ask for his schedule, nor organize any celebration to mark our 7th wedding anniversary. I don’t want to give any card nor gift. It’s tiring to be the one-sided initiator for 7 years and more tiring to continue initiating. So this year, I decided to do it DeeDee’s way. Quiet. No celebration. Perhaps just wishing each other happiness. Sometimes doing things how our partner likes it, rather than how we like it may be much less stressful.

Here, I would like to “quietly” congratulate ourselves for hitting the 7th year mark. Happy Anniversary!

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