Pneumonia on Mother’s Day

I have slight pneumonia since last Friday. Couldn’t rest yesterday as my family was out, and though my helper was at home to cook and do the chores, my boy was very sticky… He only wanted my company.

Since I couldn’t rest, I did some work from home. And even that, made my boy want to sit on my lap to watch me work. I’m actually happy that he likes to stick to me, but I really couldn’t rest as a result.

After my boy saw Daddy went out twice in the day, he requested to go out for a walk but only wanted me to bring him. By late afternoon, I brought the kids and helper to a nearby shopping centre.
Purpose 1: to pay a credit card bill which was due and I had to pay by 5pm.
Purpose 2: to let accede to my boy’s request.

By this morning, my cough seemed worse. I rested in the afternoon. But by late afternoon, I feel worse. The left side of my body felt a little tight with occasional pins and needles.

I went to the doctor again, who confirmed my lungs are cleared. Phew.
So all I need is more rest – which can be rather challenging with my boy being so sticky.

Hope I get better tomorrow.

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