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My boy fell asleep at 8plus last night. He usually could sleep through the night waking up for milk if he falls asleep early. Last night, he decided to want my attention after waking up for milk at 10plus. As a typical Mother, I felt guilty and read him a story when he requested.

My laptop was on, working on a project I was engaged for. My line of thoughts got I interrupted, as I juggle between giving my boy attention and my laptop. When my boy was willing to get Daddy’s company instead, I went back to my laptop. But he was back to me real soon.

Daddy got really sleepy at midnight and got frustrated. So Mummy forced shut the laptop and gave 100% attention to my boy in a way trying to prevent him from crying as Daddy got a little stern with him.

I’m not complaining. I feel blessed with lots of family support. It’s just a typical incident making me wonder why women are designed to have more patience with children.

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