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Parenting sincerely versus iNanny the most sought-after nanny

Recently a number of friends have told me they see many parents handing their preschoolers iPads or iPhones at restaurants or in shopping centres, just so the parents can have some “peace and quiet”. They also know parents who honestly do not know what to do with their children during idle, waiting or eating times, and they relied on iPads or iPhones.

Most sought after nanny:

Personally, I am delaying my children’s exposure to gadgets as much as I can. (I’m lucky my husband concurs) I am a strong believer that time should be spent sincerely with our children. Really, simply SINCERELY!

I see parents not listening attentively to their children. They listen with their minds, not hearts. So they miss a lot of cues. Many times they only need our FULL attention. But often, we give them MULTI-TASKED attention. Our minds are filled with other things, etc, tomorrow’s sales meeting, tonight’s laundry, etc.

There is a time for everything and when we give our children our most sincere attention, their eyes glitter, they want to go to bed sooner because they have been heard. They have sweeter dreams and they wake up happier.

When I am sincere, my mind will spin a thousand and one creative activities to do with them.
Eg the soft toys are their students in class, and they conduct lessons (where mummy only need to watch attentively).
Eg making a soft toy talk nonsense like giraffes have white tongue. If they know it should be black, they will laugh contagiously! (my indirect way of teaching and revising general knowledge with them).
Eg making a soft toy misbehave, and I put it in a naughty corner. Children will start disciplining the toy the way I do it to them – I take this as their way of internalizing my nag-tures. Lol.

Parenting with a sincere heart is my life goal.

4 thoughts on “Parenting sincerely versus iNanny the most sought-after nanny

  1. I see a lot of parents who do those you mention above. However, my 3 yr old daughter had her ipad on her birthday. We bought her that for her leisure and education as well. Only educational applications installed and I do monitor her progress on it. I can say that she is very much responsible now and that her ipad had helped her a lot in learning a lot of things. She can write from a to g now.(“,) I think it also depends on people’s perspective. Learning the hightech way is fun, but of course you as a parent has to be responsible as well. Your guidance and your attention is the most important tools in your childs development.

    1. I totally agree. It’s fun to learn the high tech way, and ultimately, healthy learning from gadgets lies in the attitude of parents. Supervised usage is good for young children.

      I don’t mind introducing an iPad to my children for learning. Something is stopping me though. Hubby and I don’t even own one ourselves. Perhaps, my frugal husband and my tiredness from handling and managing sibling fights are my stumbling blocks. If we invest in iPads, we would need three! Two for my children and one to prevent my niece from fighting over it. Haa!

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