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Parenting away tantrums

The freelance projects I took up since April to help a friend ended in June. So July I’ll be spending more time with kids and back to feeling stressed about dipping into savings.

My boy hasn’t gotten over his crying-for -what-he-demands moments. The Sunday which just passed, he had four such episodes. We were one hour late for a friends gathering in the evening as a result.

I’m the main disciplinarian for my kids on terms of emotional behaviour. So I now feel guilty for neglecting my boy since April and not being able to be home often enough to revise the right behaviours with him.

Life of a Mommy is such. Time is stretched all ways. We feel more guilty than the Daddies when our kids don’t behave and when their learning is not as we desire.

I work with my boy in the coming months to help him with the right behaviour to display when he wants something:
a) ask nicely; say the magic word
b) if the person says no, don’t cry. Instead, ask why or when.
c) be patient. wait for your wants to be met.
d) once you throw tantrum, Mommy’s not going to give in your request until you talk nicely.

Wish myself luck!

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