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When we planned for our second child, we had expected sleepless nights all over again, fatigue, stress juggling with work and family life, etc.  But little did we expect that my elder girl cannot sleep throughout the night until now, and that she would become so attached to her Grandma (after I delivered my younger boy) that she no longer wants to sleep with us. There goes our thoughts of taking turns to take care of them.  She is so glued to Grandma that she cried so loud and hard today, when Grandma went for her bath. Well, this is not the first time she did that, but it was the first time I was handling her crying fit all alone, as her Grandpa was with my younger boy and hubby was at work. I lost my temper for a split second at her, and keep wondering if I should instil some punishment for her crying fits. Maybe I should wait until she settles in well in childcare – but when?

She has started childcare (full day) since January, and she is still crying when she goes there, and during the day. She is rather introverted, and an observer.  We had expected the crying episodes, but just wonder how long she’ll need to adapt and be happy going to childcare. She only has incisors now and is unable to take the food in school, and has sort of refused to eat. Well, she is also a fussy eater. (I wonder why the childcare serves food meant for N1 and N2 kids to toddler classes, e.g chicken nuggets, or is it only me?).

I was optimistic when I was pregnant with my boy, thinking that he would drink milk faster, and sleep better than his sister. Neither came true.  🙁

What did I sacrifice for parenthood? Figure, sleep, peace of mind, loosing the magical connection between my hubby and me due to zero couple time. All these in exchange for happiness when I see them happy.

I was happy when my girl recites the lyrics of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star a few nights ago. I’m happy when she dances to my singing, hugs me, kisses me, eats well, sleeps well (no nightmares). I’m happy as long as she is healthy and happy.  The same for my boy.

So this is parenthood for me …

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  1. motherhood is full of sacrifices. but it shd be smtg which we ourself WANT to do so that we will be happy doing it.

    nvm…ur girl and boy will know how much u sacrifice for them very soon and will appreciate u.

    try to have some couple time once a while with ur hubby. it is not healthy to have ZERO couple time. but dont stress on this. take one step at a time. maybe give urself some time. 🙂

    1. Hey Shu-yin, Thank you for your encouragement. Yes, we want to have two kids and are happy to see them grow up and play with them. I guess we haven’t fully adjusted to the busy schedules and the chaos at home with two little ones. Settling the essentials, like grocery shopping, buying baby clothes, etc, already filled up almost all our spare time (plus we both need to work after office hours rather often). So perhaps we need more time, maybe a couple more months, to settle down and get on top of the chaotic schedules, before we can have couple time. Oh, I think we first need more sleep time (now we can only sleep at most for a 3 hours stretch), before we can settle into having couple time. hahaa. I’m returning to work in Feb, and that is another phase to adjust into. Hope it all works out well.

      1. Things will get better as they grow. You will be able to get more sleep. (Although new problems will come as well).
        Perhaps you would want to pack some food for her if they are not serving age appropriate food. I did not have this problem with my childcare center in the past.

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