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Our Third Baby?

In the last few weeks, DeeDee and I were very busy with the pre-opening activities of our retail shop. It’s our first retail business. All our encounters, be it with the setting up of a Private Limited, development of relationship with franchisor, shop design approval process or renovation matters, has thus far been teeth-chattering. The last two times we felt this way were when I gave birth to GerGer and BoiBoy. So this business venture seems very much like having our third baby!

We have mixed feelings about how this business venture will turn out. Will I really have the luxury of being home doing remote supervision? When will we reach our point of capital return?

Of late, when I’m physically at home, my mind is occupied with our shop matters. Vice versa. This is not healthy, and I pray that I’ll cross this hurdle to reach a steadier state real soon.

Motherhood Means Business!


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